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- December 11, 2015: The Maulide Group goes for the annual Christmas Party. This year we enjoyed a visit to Burgenland and a wonderful dinner at Kloster Spitz. A great time with all the team and even some former group members that joined us for the event!

- December 5, 2015: Dr. Paul Aillard joins us as a Post-Doc. Welcome to the Maulide group!!

- December 4, 2015: Official Press Release announcing the successful extension of the FWF-funded Doctoral Programme "MolTag", of which our group is part. Opening Ceremony on December 9, at Klosterneuburg.

- November 7, 2015: Nuno Maulide features in an interview to the national journal "Die Presse". Read the 1-page interview here and find out why, without Chemistry, we would be back in the Stone Age...

- October 23, 2015: Our asymmetric cyclopropanation is highlighted in SYNFACTS. Check it out here!

- October 18, 2015: Three videos about chemistry for the young public, featuring Nuno Maulide, are online on Youtube. Click and listen to/watch explanations of the chemistry in Nylon, air or acids and bases in simple terms.

- October 11, 2015: Saad Shaaban wins 2nd prize for the best oral presentation at the YoungChem 2015. Earlier in September, Antonio Misale had won the best poster award at the ISySyCat in Evora. Congratulations!

- October 3, 2015: Nuno Maulide is featured in the ORF show "Newton" talking about Chirality. Watch it here (link available for a short time).

Also read more about Nuno in the magazine "Forschen and Entdecken" online!

- October 1, 2015: The group welcomes several new members: Damien Dewez joined us from the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) as a PhD student in September. Immo Klose and Alexander Preinfalk join us as our first M.Sc. students from the University of Vienna. Finally, Rafael Gomes joins us for 4 months from the Faculdade de Farmácia of the University of Lisbon. Welcome all!

At the same time, we say farewell to two of our Post-Docs: Dr. Anais Jolit and Dr. Langui Xie. All the best and stay in touch!

- September 3, 2015: Nuno features in a 33-minute show called "Science.Talk" on ORF-III. Watch it here! (link only available for a short time)

- August 3, 2015: Tobias Stopka (RWTH Aachen, Germany) joins us as a visiting Ph.D. student from the Niggemann group. Welcome, Tobias!

- July 28, 2015: Dr. Alberto Oppedisano (Ph.D. University of Turin, Italy) joins our group as a Post-Doctoral researcher. Welcome to the Maulide group!

- July 12, 2015: Nuno Maulide receives the EurJOC Young Researcher Award at the ESOC in Lisbon and delivers a talk and a piano concert afterwards! Read a report here.

- July 10, 2015: Our papers in Chemical Science (mechanistic studies on palladium(II) complexes) and Chemical Communications (new redox catalysts for C-C bond formation) are published online!

- July 6, 2015: The Maulide Group is featured in the Cover of the "Careers" section of the national newspaper Kurier! Check it out and read the article here.

- July 6, 2015: The University issues a Press Release for our Angewandte Paper.

- July 3, 2015: Our work on mechanistic studies of palladium(II) complexes, in collaboration with the Thiele and Thiel groups has been accepted for publication in Chemical Science!

- July 3, 2015: The Angewandte paper is now online!

- July 1, 2015: The group says farewell to Thomas Stephens and Dr. Luís Alves. Both spent 3 months with us - Tom as an Erasmus Student and Luís as an exchange Post-Doc. All the best and stay in touch! 

- May 19, 2015: Our work on dynamic asymmetric olefin cyclopropanation using a new ligand design is accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie (publication #54)!

- May 8, 2015: Prof. Barry M. Trost visits our lab and meets the Maulide group. 

- May 7, 2015: Within the 650-Year Jubilee of the University of Vienna, Nuno Maulide is featured in a video talking about chemical reactions that generate no waste by-products! Watch it on Youtube here.

- May 6, 2015: Pictures of our recent Group Lunch and Group Picnic are available in the Photo Gallery section!

- April 7, 2015: Dr. Mohan Padmanaban leaves the group after a 2.5 year stay with us as a Post-Doc. All the best!

- April 1, 2015: We welcome two new group members: Dr. Luís Alves comes for a 3-month stay as an exchange Post-Doc from Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon (Portugal). Thomas Stephens arrives as an Erasmus student from the University of Warwick (UK). Welcome!

- You can now watch the whole show of March 22 on Youtube! See here

- March 22, 2015: The show is a success! More than 600 Children were introduced to the wonderful world of chemistry in a story of passion, mistery and magic... with a piano soundtrack ;-)

Read more at "Ein fulminanter Auftakt". Check out some photos below!


- March 20, 2015: Last chance to register for a special show in the "Inaugural Lecture of the 650th anniversary" next Sunday! A team from the Institute of Organic Chemistry led by Nuno will present an original story around Chemistry, love and adventure... don't miss it :-)

- February 27, 2015: Nuno Maulide's lifesize photo shown below can now be seen daily by visitors and passers-by at the Tram stop "Schottentor".

- February 3, 2015: Nuno Maulide is awarded the EurJOC Young Researcher Award, in its first edition. The prize will be delivered at the upcoming ESOC in Lisbon, in July. 

- January 12, 2015: Desislava Petkova successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis and graduates as student #5 of the team. Congratulations, Dr. Petkova!

- January 1, 2015: Happy New Year! Two new group members join us in the opening of 2015. Veronica Tona, our new Ph.D. student, and Aurélien de la Torre, our new Post-Doc. Welcome to the Team!

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