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The Group November 2017

Welcome to the webpage of the Maulide Group at the University of Vienna.

We are a dynamic, international and enthusiastic group passionate about (organic) chemistry. Feel free to browse through the links on the left side to find out who we are and read about our research and publications.

We are now on Twitter! Follow us here: https://twitter.com/MaulideLab

Recent News:

- July: Our former PhD student, now Dr. Saad Shaaban was awarded the Karl Schlögl – Prize of the ÖAW for his outstanding PhD Thesis. Great Job!

- May: The group is awarded an ERC Proof of Concept Grant! Read more about the Project NEUTRAMENTH here.

- May: The group´s hard work keeps paying off. In May, our second year Ph.D. student Immo Klose was awarded with the DOC-fellowship and our Total Synthesis of Quinine was accepted in Angewandte Chemie. The group composition also varied, we welcomed Dr. Wojciech Zawodny, Dr. Marwan Simaan and Ph.D. student exchange Lorena Garcia. Welcome to the Maulide Group!

 - April: Nuno is elected a Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences!

- March: The group composition keeps being very dynamic. In February and March 2018 we say farewell to Dr. Saad Shaaban and Dr. Daniel Kaiser who brilliantly graduated as PhD #8 and PhD #9 respectively. Congratulations!

We also greet the new entry Jean Michalland, exchange student from the École Polytechnique. Welcome to the team!

- February: Nuno receives the Springer Heterocyclic Chemistry Award 2018!

- January: Nuno is awarded the Marcial Moreno Lectureship 2017 of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry! This includes a lecture at the University of Barcelona and is a great way to start the year!

January 2, 2018: Paper accepted in Chemistry - A European Journal. What better way to begin the New Year? :)

- January 2, 2018: We say farewell to Eric Lopes and Dr. James Neuhaus. All the best! We welcome a new group member for January: Dr. Amandine Pons.


- December 15: Group annual Xmas Party!

- November 5: Our latest JACS is available online!

- October 30: Our Nature Communications article on a novel approach to carbonyl olefination finally is online (publication #91)! Read the press release of the University of Vienna here (in German).

- October 12: Paper accepted in Angewandte Chemie! A collaboration with our colleagues in Brazil at the Lüdtke group.

- October 1: Our first book chapter is accepted for publication!

- August 22: Latest Angewandte is online and a piece of our earlier work this year, on Amide Umpolung, is highlighted in SYNFACTS!

- August 16: A paper is accepted in Angewandte Chemie! Watch out for alpha-carbonyl cations...

- August 10: A paper is accepted in Nature Communications! Watch out for a new take on carbonyl olefination...

- July 21: Nuno and a team of the Institute deliver an exciting show for more than 600 children closing the KinderUni 2017.




- July 14: The group goes for a picnic to the Donaustadtbrücke and enjoys an afternoon of food, games and good fun.

- July: The team composition remains flexible with some internship/exchange students visiting the team over the past months. Alexandre Pinto and Carlos Goncalves will return to Vienna later in 2017 to join the team as full-fledged members and Eliott Smith returns to the UK after his internship with us. Farewell! At the same time we welcome Peter Angyal from Budapest for a summer internship - welcome to the team!

- July 7: A paper is accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie! Look our for aminoarylation reactions... Accepted Article online

- June 29: Nuno wins a Förderungspreis of the City of Vienna!

- June 17: The national newspaper Die Presse publishes a newspiece on our amide oxidation chemistry! See it here (only in German).

- June 12: Our Chem Eur J review on C-H functionalisation is now online!

- May 22: Our Angewandte minireview is now online!

- May 15: Christopher Teskey is awarded a Lise-Meitner Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations!

- May 11: Press release on the JACS oxidation paper.

- May 8: Alexander Preinfalk is awarded a DOC-Fellowship for his Ph.D. studies in our group. Congratulations!

- May 3: Our latest paper is accepted for publication in J. Am. Chem. Soc.. Read here about our paper on chemoselective oxidations...

- May 2: Press release on our latest paper.

- April: Nuno Maulide is elected a member of the Young Academy of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. What a wonderful reward for our group's scientific work since arriving in Austria.

- Our latest Angewandte paper is online!

- April 22: Mark the date! On this day, the March for Science will take place in hundreds of cities worldwide.
For the Viennese event, Nuno Maulide will take part and the Blog ScienceMarchvienna.at highlights this with a piece about the Portuguese chemist.

- More updates to group composition. In March/April 2017, we say farewell to Dr. Aurelien de la Torre. At the same time, we welcome lots of new group members. Alexandre Pinto joins us as an exchange PhD student from University of Barcelona; Dr. Guilhem Coussanes and Dr. Christopher Teskey start their Post-Docs in our group. Eliott Smith continues our tradition of hosting an ERASMUS student from the University of Warwick. And Christian Knittl-Frank joins us for his M.Sc. thesis. We welcome everyone with open arms to the Maulide Group!

- Our latest paper is accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie. Stay tuned for a manuscript about an electrophilic enolate...

- The group continues to change with new members and departures. For February 2017, we say farewell to Dr. Juliette Sabbatani who graduates as PhD Student #7 of the team. Congratulations! 

At the same time we also say farewell to Lucas Baldassari who returns to Brazil to continue his Ph.D., and Dr. Jeremy Merad. And we welcome Dr. Sebastien Lemouzy and Eliana Martins. Welcome to the Maulide group!

- December 2016/January 2017: We say farewell to Dr. Paul Aillard and Giovanni di Mauro. See you soon! At the same time, we welcome: Dr. Pauline Adler, Tobias Stopka and Carlos Goncalves. Welcome to the Maulide group!!

- January 25, 2017: Our latest Angewandte paper is online. See the Press Release of the University here!

- January 8, 2017: HAPPY NEW YEAR! To kick-start what we hope will be another exciting 12 months of chemistry, our work is selected to feature as Cover for Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis!

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What is the Maulide Group like?

Want to know who we are and what our group is like? Then read the blog entry by Desislava Petkova, "One for all and all for one".

Our group's latest review article:

The Redox-Neutral Approach to C-H Functionalisation
Chem. Eur. J. 2013, 40, 13274-13287

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Read about it here!


Read about it here!


Read about it here.

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