Still moving forward


The quarantine won't stop us!

Despite this unfortunate times of mourn and uncertainty we need to keep looking at the future with hopeful eyes, trying to create a world in which science and research become more and more predominant, aiming not only at the technological advancements but also at the safety of the planet.

Therefore we celebrate people's work and their bright future in the advancement of chemistry.

During the lockdown three members of our group defended their thesis:

Now Doctor, Adriano Bauer successfully presented his thesis "Carbocationic Intermediates in Redox Processes & a Catalytic Cross-Coupling of Carbene Precursors". Follow him on twitter @bauer_adriano

Haoqi Zhang and Jörg Heider also moved their last steps as master students completing their degrees.

Haoqi will begin his PhD as a valuable addition in our group, while Jörg will move next door to the pharmaceutical department to work on drug discovery.

Congrats you all!