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Organische Chemie II

Prüfungseinsicht: Mittwoch 27.6, 14h bis 15h im Seminarraum 2


Sommersemester 2018

"Strategies and Tactics in Organic Synthesis"

Block-Lecture (in English)



Mo,       19 Mar,         10h to 12h              HS 4

1. Übungsblatt: Revisiting Reserpine.

Di,          20 Mar,         10h to 12h              HS 3
Di,          10 Apr,          10h to 12h              HS 3

2. Übungsblatt: More Reserpine and Pericyclic Rxns.

Mi,         11 Apr,          10h to 12h              HS 4
Fr,          13 Apr,          09h to 11h              HS 3

Di,          17 Apr,          10h to 12h              HS 3 LECTURE CANCELLED
Mi,         18 Apr,          10h to 12h              HS 4
Di,          24 Apr,          10h to 12h              HS 4
Mi,         25 Apr,          10h to 12h              HS 4

3. Übungsblatt: Radical domino reactions.

Di,          08 May,          10h to 12h              HS 4
Mi,         09 May,          10h to 12h              HS 4
Di,          15 May,          10h to 12h              HS 4

4. Übungsblatt: Metathesis.

Mi,         16 May,          10h to 12h              HS 4

EXAM: 6 June,  10h bis 12h   HS 4


Additional exam dates:

July 31, 15h00 to 17h00

September 6, 15h00 to 17h00

As its name suggests, this lecture aims at discussing how complex organic compounds can be approached from a synthetic point of view. In order to do so, selected syntheses will be analysed and commented on. Emphasis shall be placed on retrosynthetic disconnections and their reduction to practice, on maximisation of synthetic efficiency and on the discussion of new methods in Organic Chemistry. Students will be encouraged to think creatively and suggest “out-of-the-box” approaches whenever possible.
For illustrative purposes, an Outline of the main broad topics to be covered and a pool of possible case-studies are presented below.


Sample case-studies

1. Classical approaches to complex molecules
a) Woodward, Strychnine
b) Woodward, Reserpine
c) Corey, Prostaglandins
d) Still, Periplanone B
e) Curran, Hirsutene and Capnellene
f) Corey, Gingkolide

2. Biomimetic approaches
a) Nicolaou, Endiandric Acids
b) Heathcock, Daphnyphillium alkaloids
c) Johnson, Steroids
d) Pirrung, Isocomene
e) Nicolaou, Bisorbicillinoids
f) Shair, Longithorone A
g) Sorensen, FR 182877

3. The past and the future
a) Overman, Strychnine (vs. 1a)
b) Stork, Quinine (vs. Woodward)
c) Volhardt, Steroids (vs. 2c)
d) Grubbs, Capnellene (vs. 1e)
e) Winkler, Manzamine A
f) Corey, Onocerin
g) Baran, Hapalindoles
h) Gin, Batzelladine A

(sample syntheses listed are only illustrative and not all of them will be covered!)



Classics in Total Synthesis I, Nicolaou et al
Classics in Total Synthesis II, Nicolaou et al
The Logic of Chemical Synthesis, Corey



Wintersemester 2017-18

Vorlesung "Organische Chemie II" LV 270085


1. Termin: Mi. 7. Februar 2018

2. Termin: Do. 15. März 2018

3. Termin: Mo. 23. April 2018

4. Termin: Di. 29. Mai 2018

JEWEILS 15.00 bis 17.30

JEWEILS im Hörsaal 1


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