The Maulide Group

Welcome to the homepage of the Maulide Group at the University of Vienna.

We are a dynamic, international and enthusiastic group passionate about (organic) chemistry. Feel free to browse through the links on the top right to find out who we are and read about our research and publications.

 Latest News


We congratulate Martin for brilliantly defending his PhD thesis.


We are joyful that our recent Nature Chemistry paper on direct α-fluorination of amides has been highlighted in Chem.


"Intellectual curiosity knows no borders, and as a result, science has always been a global enterprise" Scott. J. Miller


Congratulations for a great defense to now Dr. Veronica Tona!


Nuno Maulide was awarded Lieben Prize, known as the "Austrian Nobel prize".


We are honored that the SYNFACTS highlight of our recent Science publication on the stereodivergent synthesis of 1,4-dicarbonyls has been selected as...