The Maulide Group

Welcome to the homepage of the Maulide Group at the University of Vienna.

We are a dynamic, international and enthusiastic group passionate about (organic) chemistry. Feel free to browse through the links on the top right to find out who we are and read about our research and publications.

 Latest News


Great news from JACS! Two of our latest papers are among the most read articles in the Journal of American Chemical Society.


Three members of our group (Philip Grant, Immo Klose and Iakovos Saridakis) were invited to take part in the 2022 Chemistry edition of the Lindau...


Recent university press release brings attention to one of our recent publications, showcasing thiouronium ylides as valuable olefination reagents.


MedChem Runner-up poster prize awarded to our group member Vincent Porte.


34 renouned Chemistry professors around Europe, among which our group leader, were selected with other 21 PhD students in the field, in order to...


Former group member Adriano Bauer has been awarded wtih the Karl-Schlögl prize from the ÖAW for his outstanding PhD-thesis work, carried out under the...