Publications 2018

  • 111) Lucas Baldassari, Anderson Mantovani, Samuel Senoner, Boris Maryasin, Nuno Maulide* and Diogo Lüdtke*
    Redox-Neutral Synthesis of Selenoesters by Oxyarylation of Selenoalkynes under Mild Conditions
    Organic Letters 2018, 20, 5881–5885.
  • 110) Luis Alves, Filipe Madeira, Rui Munha, Nuno Maulide, Luis Filipe Veiros and Ana Martins*
    Cooperative Metal-Ligand Hydroamination Catalysis Supported by C-H Activation in Cyclam Zr(IV) Complexes
    Inorganic Chemistry 20185713034–13045.
  • 105) Rik Oost, James D. Neuhaus, Antonio Misale, Ricardo Meyrelles, Luís F. Veiros and Nuno Maulide*
    Catalyst-Dependent Selectivity in Sulfonium Ylide Cycloisomerization Reactions
    Chemical Science 2018, 9, 7091–7095.
  • 101) Boris Maryasin*, Dainis Kaldre, Renan Galaverna, Immo Klose, Stefan Ruider, Martina Drescher, Hanspeter Kählig, Leticia González, Marcos Eberlin, Igor Jurberg* and Nuno Maulide*
    Unusual Mechanisms in Claisen Rearrangements: an Ionic Fragmentation leading to a meta-Selective Rearrangement
    Chemical Science 2018, 9, 4124–4131.
  • 99) Martin Berger, Yong Chen, Konstantina Bampali, Margot Ernst and Nuno Maulide*
    Expeditious synthesis of polyacetylenic water hemlock toxins and their effects on the major GABAA receptor isoform
    Chemical Communications 2018, 54, 2008–2011.