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Our recent work has been highlighted by the Chem Editorial Board as one of their favourite papers of 2023.


Nuno Maulide is now part of the advisory board of the journal Chem, one of the thirty journals under the editorial of Cell Press.


Recent publication of group titled "Direct Synthesis of Enamides via Electrophilic Activation of Amides " makes it to one of the most cited JACS...


PhD graduate Miran Lemmerer, former member of the group, has been selected by the Austrian Chemical Society (GÖCH) to receive this year's...


Are you interested in trying out some S-olefination reactions inspired by our recent publication?


The first post-covid photo with the whole group!


Wonderful news: Our work on the Functionalization of Carbonyl Derivatives via α-Umpolung is among the top 3 most read articles from Accounts of...


Together with Kyoto University (JP) we hosted the Joint Workshop on the Organic Chemistry of Sulfur 2023 (JWOCS-23). Among the numerous high-class...


We are proud to announce that, starting January 2023, Nuno Maulide will join the Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis Academic Advisory Board, becoming an...


Last month, GQ Portugal awarded our group leader, Professor Nuno Maulide, with the "Man of the Year" prize in the category of Science....


Great news from JACS! Two of our latest papers are among the most read articles in the Journal of American Chemical Society.


Three members of our group (Philip Grant, Immo Klose and Iakovos Saridakis) were invited to take part in the 2022 Chemistry edition of the Lindau...